Why do I need a virginized instrument cluster?

The VIN number and mileage are stored on computer chips inside of instrument clusters so you cannot simply plug a used one into your car. In order for the cluster to work properly the VIN has to be blanked and the mileage must be lower than the car it’s going on. Once coded your vehicle’s actual mileage will display on the odometer and your vin will be stored in the cluster.

What does virginizing mean?

Virginizing is when one lowers the miles on the instrument cluster’s odometer.

What does blanking the VIN mean?
Blanking the VIN is remove the VIN number from the cluster’s chip(s),

When I receive a virginized cluster is it plug and play?
While it’s easy to swap clusters out, you’ll need to have yours coded to your car. This is process doesn’t take long and can be performed remotely.

Does the listing include remote coding?
No, the listing only includes the virginization of your cluster.

Do you do remote coding?
-Yes wee do remote coding too


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